Tulare County Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility

Tulare County | Tulare Maintenance Bus Transit | 2020 Completion

VSCE is currently providing inspection services for Tulare County’s Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility. This $10.2 million project proposes to construct an operations building which includes a dispatch and operations center, additional office space, employee locker rooms, break room, and restroom facilities. The maintenance facility will include three (3) maintenance bays (designed to accommodate the maintenance of both diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and capable of accommodating 40-foot buses) and an oil and parts room. Additionally, the following improvements will also be constructed: space to accommodate support vehicles; a retention basin for stormwater and storm drain piping; seepage pits and sewer piping; water distribution piping; access road construction; security features, including lighting, fencing, security gates, security system, and provisions for a backup generator; onsite civil improvements, including gas and electrical services; site improvements, including curb, gutter, sidewalk, roadway improvements, driveways, parking area, and landscaping; and twelve (12) slow fill CNG stations for the exclusive use of the County. This project requires extensive coordination with local businesses and the public in order to minimize disruption and inconvenience while also maintaining a tight schedule and budget. Our staff is working on an integrated team approach with the Tulare County Resource Management Resource Agency’s Resident Engineer.

VSCE performs daily field verifications of contractor activities and ensures work is in compliance to federal, state, and local requirements.

BUDGET CONTROL: Project is on schedule, with a targeted completion date by January 2020.

Project Highlights:

  • Caltrans Oversight

  • Compliant with Local Assistance Procedures Manuals

  • Compliant with California Building Standards Codes


Tulare County Resource Management Agency



Services Provided

  • Caltrans Oversight Inspection

  • Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

  • FTA / FHWA Funding Requirements

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