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California High Speed Rail Construction Package 2-3 (CP 2-3)

California High Speed Rail Authority | 2015-Ongoing

VSCE provides public outreach services and collaborates with the Authority’s Regional Public Information Officer on Public Activities.

As part of the Project Construction Management (PCM) team, our Public Outreach focus is to serve as an interface between the design-builder, the community and project owner, California High Speed Rail Authority (CAHSR).

VSCE is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring the quality of the community outreach activities deployed by the Design Builder. The firm also addresses questions and concerns about the project from all-level stakeholders as well as collaborating with the Authority to provide technical review of public documents, including those in Spanish. VSCE established a database log in order to maintain effective communication between the Authority and the design-builder.

Key roles include providing description of design-build work activities in order to adhere to master agreements with local municipalities, interfacing with project designers and engineers, attending weekly segment and progress meetings, providing written collateral for the CAHSR CP 2-3 Outreach Team, communicating on behalf of the design-build contractor for right of way negotiations, third-party utility support, community interfacing where appropriate, providing relevant information to local publications and supporting the deployment of project updates to project stakeholders.



California High-Speed Rail Authority

Project Highlights

  • Coordination with Designers and Engineers

  • Weekly Progress Meetings

  • Public Relations to Address Questions and Concerns of All-Level Stakeholders

Project Budget

$1.4 Billion

Service Dates

2015 - Ongoing

Services Provided

  • Public Outreach

  • Project Management Support


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