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California High Speed Rail Construction Package 1 (CP 1)

California High Speed Rail Authority | 2019-Ongoing

VSCE is providing railroad coordination for the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s Construction Package 1 (CP-1) project, which is the first significant construction contract executed on the Initial Operating Section of the high-speed rail program. The CP-1 construction area is a 32-mile stretch between Avenue 19 in Madera County to East American Avenue in Fresno County. The package includes 12 grade separations, two viaducts, one tunnel, and a major river crossing over the San Joaquin River. VSCE staff facilitate meetings with the Authority for issue resolution. They perform Quality Control/ Quality Assurance for proposal packages and Requests for Information. VSCE monitors and tracks the execution of maintenance consent letters and agreements. Additionally, our Railroad Coordinator creates forecasts on all utilities, crossing variances, crossing agreements, and workplans. He reviews railroad invoices and logs and tracks third-party technical submittals for UPRR, BNSF, and SJVRR. Lastly, he reviews, tracks, and logs meeting minutes as well as issues that may impact the project schedule.



California High-Speed Rail Authority

Project Highlights

· Coordination with Railroad Authority

· 32-mile span

· Quality Control and Assurance

Project Budget

$1.2 Billion

Service Dates

2019 - Ongoing

Services Provided

· Railroad Coordination

· Multiple Agency Coordination

· Caltrans Inspection Oversight

· Monthly and Quarterly Reporting


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