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Safe Routes To School | City of Stockton

City of Stockton | 2019 - Ongoing

VSCE teamed with CSG Engineering, who was the prime consultant for the redesign of streets to create landscape strips, detached sidewalks and wider sidewalks to promote pedestrian and bicycle use.

In support of the Safe Routes to Schools project, VSCE will work with the City of Stockton to ensure all stakeholders are identified. VSCE will create project materials to include informational flyers ,door tags, website and social media development, display boards, meeting materials, and public notices The VSCE Outreach Plan will include a public meeting at the Stockton Unified School district and each of the 6 project area schools (McKinley Elementary, Pittman Elementary, George W. Bush Elementary, John Marshall Elementary, Taylor Elementary, and Roosevelt Elementary) during the design and pre-construction phases of the project, tabling at targeted community events, and project briefings as needed with key stakeholder groups.

During construction, VSCE will assist the City of Stockton and provide project status communications via a newsletter, website update and maintain log of current outreach contacts and activities including documenting stakeholder communications, such as comments, calls, meetings, and emails. Upon completion of the Safe Routes to Schools project, VSCE will assist the City of Stockton to compile a post-project report that includes an overview of public information and public involvement activities to include an analysis of “best practices”.

Project Highlights:

  • Reduced roadway widths

  • Roundabouts and Traffic circles at intersections

  • Sidewalk bicycle paths

  • Intensive community outreach program



City of Stockton



Services Provided

Community Outreach


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