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Orange County Transportation Authority Highway Program

VSCE is managing the Quality Assurance (QA) process for OCTA highway projects as they proceed through the project delivery process. The tasks include deploying QA auditors who would review consultant submittals and verify if the Quality Assurance procedure mandated by the client is followed. In addition, Corrective Action Reports (CAR) are prepared to mitigate any deficiency discovered during the audit process. If required, Quality Control checks are provided to ensure designers perform Quality Control per the approved guidelines. The Quality Assurance checks are performed prior to key milestone submittals to assure QA process is followed. During the QA audit, VSCE utilizes a checklist prepared by the VSCE’s QA audit manager. This checklist has been utilized for major client audits such as Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, Alameda County Transportation Commission and Alameda Contra Costa Transit agency.

Other work includes review of consultant Quality Management Plans (QMPs) to verify client mandated procedures are included, proof of QC checks, and review of the project team credentials such as qualifications and experience of those who prepare design plans, specifications and estimates.

Project Budget

$1.2 Billion

Service Date

2016 - Present


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