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Fresno Bus Rapid Transit

City of Fresno | 2014-2019

VSCE provided resident engineering, office engineering, and inspection for the Fresno Bus Rapid Transit program. This project required extensive coordination with local businesses and the public to minimize the disruption and inconvenience while also maintaining a tight schedule and budget. During the pre-construction phase, VSCE staff performed constructability reviews of the design and construction documents. Our team also led efforts in bid procurement and NTP issuance. As the project moves forward, VSCE is providing document control coordination and monitoring the forecasted budget. Inspectors perform field verifications and ensure work is in compliance to Fresno City standards. VSCE also provided assistance in change order management, safety programs, quality control, utility coordination, and scheduling. The $32 million Fresno BRT corridor is an approximately 15.7-mile BRT line with 50 standard stations and two enhanced stations connecting a major north-south corridor (Blackstone Ave) and a major east-west corridor (Ventura/Kings Canyon Blvd) in Fresno. Key elements include a share lane with vehicular traffic, transit signal priority, real-time bus arrival displays, off-board fare collection, and ITS/TSP improvements with lane jumpers.

BUDGET CONTROL: Construction is complete and contract change orders were under 5%.


City of Fresno

Project Highlights

  • Local Street Improvements

  • Bus Stops ·

  • Traffic Signal Modification

  • Bus Transit

Project Budget

$24 million

Service Date


Services Provided

  • Resident Engineering

  • RFI & Submittal Communication

  • Contract Administration

  • Multiple Agency Coordination ·

  • Caltrans Inspection Oversight ·

  • Monthly and Quarterly Report ·

  • FTA Funding Requirements



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