Alameda County - Freight Intelligent Transportation System (FITS)

Alameda County Freight Intelligent Transportation System | 2018-present

VSCE provided construction management services for Alameda County Transportation Commission’s (ACTC) Freight Intelligent Transportation System (FITS) program. This $24 million programis comprised of various projects intended to improve truck traffic flows, increase the efficiency of goods movement operations, and enhance the safety and incident response capabilities throughout the Port of Oakland.

VSCE has been responsible for preparing the “front-end” specifications such as the Bid Book, Notice to Bidders, General Conditions, and Special Provisions, necessary for advertising the largest of the FITS projects, the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) project. VSCE has also been responsible for responding to bidder inquiries, opening the ATMS bids, and ultimately recommending an award of the ATMS project. Once awarded, VSCE will serve as ACTC’s Construction Management team responsible for administering the ATMS construction contract.

Prior to advertising the ATMS project, VSCE drafted ACTC’S Construction Management and Administration Guide (CMAG) which is the agency’s manual for the preparation of project documents for advertising, awarding, and administering construction contracts; including contract acceptance and closeout requirements.

Key project deliverables include: CMAG, implementation of eBidBoard (electronic bid advertisement), Bid Book, Notice to Bidders, General Conditions, Special Provisions. VSCE will also serve as ACTC’s Construction Management team for all FITS projects.


VSCE has been or will be providing CM services for the following projects:

  • Port of Oakland ATMS (underway)

  • ATMS Integration Project (2020)

  • GoPort Application (2020)

  • Smart Parking System Project (2020)


Multiple projects will be managed to stay within budget and schedule.


Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC)

Project Highlights

  • Construction Management and Administration Guide (CMAG)

  • Bid Proposal Services

  • Preparation of Front-End Specifications

  • Integrated Staff

  • Caltrans Coordination

  • Port of Oakland Coordination

Project Budget

$24 million

Service Date


Services Provided

  • Bid Proposal Services

  • Construction Management (RE, Inspector, OE)

  • Constructability Review

  • Schedule Review/ Updates

  • Public Relations

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VSCE, Inc. is certified by Caltrans as a DBE (under CUCP) and by Alameda CTC as a SLBE . Other Certifications maintained include Almeda County's GSA SLEB, Port of Oakland LBE, City of Oakland LBE, and the State of California's SBA

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