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ACTC Local Streets

Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) | 2006 - Present

Since 2006, VSCE has been providing on-site program management support including construction management, project management, project controls, data management services, and administrative support to the Alameda CTC staff and its predecessor agencies (ACCMA and ACTIA). In addition, VSCE has provided project-specific Owner’s Representative Construction Management for Caltrans projects and for AC Transit projects. Furthermore, VSCE developed the agency (ACCMA) Quality Assurance (QA) plan and was integral in the preparation of the best practices program management plan, strategic plan, reports, and cash flow analysis to meet the objectives of the capital program delivery objectives. Currently, VSCE staff operate as an extension of the Agency staff seconded to various Alameda CTC departments assisting with meetings and coordinating with partnering agencies.

Specific responsibilities include the following: Bidding processes, Contracts Support, Design Oversight, Estimating, Environmental Review Support, Utility Coordination, Permit Coordination Inspections, Materials Testing, Surveying, and Right of Way Coordination. Each milestone of this project included project management, construction management, project controls, public outreach, schedule updates, program admin support, invoice processing, document control, technical writing, stakeholder coordination. Specific cost monitoring responsibilities include utilization of cost control database and invoice cost tracking systems (ICTS, PCS).


VSCE has been providing CM services for the following projects:

  • AC Transit Ardenwood Multimodal Station (completed in 2008)

  • I-880 / Route 84 Interchange Improvements (completed 2008)

  • I-680 Southbound Express Lanes (completed in 2010)

  • I-680 Northbound Express Lanes (underway)

  • Port of Oakland Freight ITS (underway)


Multiple projects were expedited and kept within schedule.




Contract Highlights

  • Integrated Staff Seconded

  • On-site since 2006

  • Held 10 Contracts

  • Covering all project phases

  • Caltrans Coordination

  • AC Transit Projects

  • Express Lanes

  • ITS Projects

  • Port of Oakland Coordination

Project Budget

$8 Billion (programs)

Service Date

  • 2006 - Present

Services Provided

  • Project Management

  • Construction Management

  • Project Controls

  • Public Outreach

  • Schedule Updates

  • Program Admin Support

  • Invoice Processing

  • Document Control

  • Technical Writing

  • Stakeholder Coordination


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