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Woodlake Roundabout Local Streets

City of Woodlake | 2017-2018

VSCE completed the final phase of the Woodlake Downtown Enhancement Project.

The project included, but was not limited to, demolition of existing facilities, grading, full roadway structural section replacement for four City blocks, roundabout, bump-outs, ADA Ramps, decorative crosswalks, asphalt concrete pavement, drive approaches, irrigation, landscaping, lighting, roadside signs, & pavement delineation. The project included extensive traffic control requirements and detours on State Route 245 and 216. Since the roadway profile was adjusted a complete replacement of the roadway structural section of four City block was required. VSCE provided resident engineering, office engineering and inspection in accordance with the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) and coordinated the effort with Caltrans oversight and encroachment permit requirements. This project required extensive coordination with local businesses, communities. Measure R funding with state and Federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.


Project Highlights:

  • Street improvement and widening

  • Bridge widening & Local Street Improvements

  • Utility Replacement

  • Coordination with City of Woodlake Public Works

  • Coordination with local community, businesses & the public



City of Woodlake



Project Cost

$3.1 million

Services Provided

  • Coordination with local community, businesses & the public

  • Resident Engineering

  • Construction Inspection

  • Office Engineering in accordance with Caltrans LAPM



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