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The Three Fish & Our Core Services

The First Story...

The Three Fish represent VSCE’s Three Core Services:

When VSCE was first started in 2004, there were three professional services that it offered to promote a sound transportation future. Each of these services is represented by an appropriate color.


The Orange Fish Represents Construction Management and Safety.

The orange fish is the fish that started swimming with the very first VSCE project in the fall of 2004 supporting the Union Council's Point Park and their Fruitvale BART Transit Village Development completion. Unbelievable completion schedules were met which resulted in multiple projects to follow from the same client.


The Blue Fish Represents Program Management.

This service was first offered in 2005 when VSCE provided project management support to Alameda CTC (formally the Alameda County CMA and ACTA/ACTIA) on multiple Transit and Smart Corridor projects. The Blue fish also represents VSCE’s commitment to a high level of integrity, which allows our clients to fully trust our team to work inside their offices as one of their own. Now we provide PM support to many other transportation agencies throughout California.


The Grey Fish Represents VSCE's Public Relations Services.

This service evolved last and is still finding its place. The gray fish started in 2006 when VSCE began providing community outreach support for local development projects for both private sector clients and public agencies in ethnically diverse areas of Oakland, CA. Since then VSCE has provided Public Relations services on BART extensions in Silicon Valley and on the new California High-Speed Rail Program in the Central Valley.


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