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Learning How to Fish

The Second Story...

VSCE’s founder, Jesus Vargas, was very fortunate to have a mentor early in his career who had 15 years of experience winning and concurrently managing multiple mega projects within a huge global consulting firm.

Jesus' mentor enlightened him with the importance of marketing strategically and being persistent, in order to catch the big fish. He learned, "The bigger the fish, the more planning and testing of strategies is required."

Just like fishing, there will be days without a catch or a nibble, much like submitting proposals that do not get shortlisted for an interview.

On other days, there are bites on the hook that are like the shortlists that do not lead to a win.

But when a big fish is on the line and we are able to reel it in, we have a win.

For VSCE, every small contract can grow over time. We need to be persistent and continue to provide great services to our clients. This will eventually grow into something bigger... much like the fish we now have in the Headquarters’ reception area in Oakland. Now every office features both the Corporate Values and fish decorations on the walls.

A fish mural at VSCE's headquarters offie in Oakland, CA.
A fish mural at VSCE's headquarters offie in Oakland, CA.


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