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Local Streets

In addition to VSCE’s extensive experience with larger spans of highways, interstates, freeways, interchanges, and roundabouts are VSCE’s local street projects including the safe routes to school projects.  Our team understands the marketing, communications, and coordination required during the design and pre-construction phases of these projects.  Our lead community outreach manager is rooted within the community to listen, learn, and understand what is most vital to ensure the community’s support and its adoption.  VSCE is well-versed in complex street projects and prioritizing mobility modes. 

Related Projects


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VSCE, Inc. is certified by Caltrans as a DBE (under CUCP) and by Alameda CTC as a SLBE . Other Certifications maintained include Almeda County's GSA SLEB, Port of Oakland LBE, City of Oakland LBE, and the State of California's SBA

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