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Freeways & Bridges

The VSCE team brings knowledge and experience for the full scope construction management of bridges and the critical interface of the surrounding street approaches.  Our team realizes the need to coordinate the requirements with utility companies for the co-located infrastructure, environmental restrictions, businesses, transit, and railroad operators, and key community stakeholders that may be impacted by the project.  Prior to construction, our team confirms the specifications for all structural materials, building equipment, stabilization methods to be deployed, and testing and inspection protocols with the designer. During construction VSCE’s team ensures that the work is completed according to the design and specifications, the project is on schedule, and within the budget through our highly effective quality assurance processes and inspection programs.  VSCE worked on the historic deconstruction of the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge original East Span.  Additionally, VSCE has been a pioneer in the program management of freeway and bridge projects throughout California supporting self-help county programs with services including quality assurance, finance, administration, and many other in-house agency assignments. 

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