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Port of Oakland On-Call Construction Management Services

Port of Oakland | 2012 - 2018 |

VSCE has held an on-call contract to provide construction management services to the Port since 2012. Projects have included improvements to the maritime, airport, and rail infrastructure.


VSCE staff provided construction management support for numerous Port of Oakland Maritime Division Projects. Projects include demolition, utility upgrades, and infrastructure maintenance.The Shore Power System Construction, Berths 30, 32; and Berths 25, 35, 37, 55, 59, and 68 projects under the current on-call construction project management services.

Electrical Field Engineer provided electrical, mechanical, and civil inspection of the Shore Power phase 2 Project. This Phase consisted of a $21 Million contract to provide the required power for container ships to dock with engines off and eliminate a major source of air pollution. The project was expanded over 8 shipping berths and required the installation of over 3800’ of 21x42" conduit trenches.

OAKLAND AIRPORT VSCE has been providing Office Engineering and Construction Engineering support to the Port for various Terminal Renovation projects and Airport Paving activities. Project consisting of the demolition of three existing buildings, including asbestos abatement, the construction of the parking facility surrounded by bio-retention swales, and new parking lot lighting for the rental car company center. The project milestones include operational staff, coordination, utilities inspection, electrical inspection, contract coordination, document control, grant reporting, technical support, daily support, change order management, and monthly invoice statement processing.

MARITIME SERVICES CENTER VSCE provided construction inspection services for the construction of the railroad infrastructure at the Port of Oakland's Maritime Services Center to service the Coal Bulk Transport Facility Development. Work included the construction of new railroad tracks; modifications to Maritime Street, including new at-grade crossings and railroad crossing signalization; utility modifications and electrical work. Our inspectors were responsible for monitoring the contractor’s work in accordance with the Contract Documents and Port procedures.


Port of Oakland

Project Cost

$40 Million

Service Date

2012 -2018

Services Provided

· Operational Staff

· Coordination

· Utilities Inspection

· Electrical Inspection

· Contract Coordination

· Document Control

· Grant Reporting

· Technical Support

· Daily Support

· Change Order Management

· Monthly Statement


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