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VSCE, Inc. (VSCE) was founded by Jesús M. Vargas in 2004. The firm is headquartered in Oakland with additional offices in Stockton, Fresno, and Los Angeles.  Our staff has worked on numerous projects in complicated geographic and/or political environments for public agencies such as BART, Caltrans, CA High Speed Rail, Alameda County Transportation Commission, Caltrain, VTA, Merced (the Bus), MTC, OCTA, AC Transit, and the Cities of Oakland, Tracy, Modesto, Manteca, Fresno, Woodlake, Porterville and Manteca. A condensed list of VSCE’s breadth of work includes the following: 

• Alameda CTC, Project I-680 Northbound and Southbound Express Lanes  

• BART, On-Call Sustainable Construction Management Projects   

• Caltrans District 4 & 10, On Call Program / Project Management Support  

• VTA, BART Phase 1 Extension to Berryessa Design Build - Outreach and Construction  Management 

• City of Tracy, 11th St East Tracy Overhead Bridge Replacement, Tracy, CA.  

• I-5 Improvements, Elk Grove CA - Construction Management 

• City of Stockton, Safe Routes to Schools – Outreach  

• City of Modesto, SR-132 West - Construction Management 

• CA HSR, Fresno to Corcoran – Outreach and Construction Management    


Who we are

Founded with a vision

of building a better


VSCE Inc was founded in 2004 with the idea that the industry was ready for a different kind of construction company.  One that focused on a customer-centric partnership.

VSCE is a San Francisco area based engineering consulting firm with more than 16 years of experience providing services for numerous highways, bridge, transit and building projects in the Bay Area and throughout Northern California.  


We have a team of highly qualified Program Managers, Design Engineers, Public Relations Specialists, Resident Engineers, Construction Managers, Inspectors, Office Engineers, and Administrative staff. 


Our professionals offer in-depth knowledge, decades of experience, and continue to deliver and manage projects of high value ($250M+).


Our firm's infrastructure borrows from those of larger (200+ employee) firms without the delays of a multidivisional organizational hierarchy structure.  Our hiring and interviewing process allows us to swiftly bring aboard the most qualified, knowledgeable, and capable staff, who continue to out-perform and self-evolve. 

Our mentorship model offers our team invaluable organic growth and development, while uncovering new processes that translate to project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.   


VSCE's corporate staff roles overlap to ensure our systems are streamlined, processes are not stagnant, and ensures contract agreements are reviewed and executed so the work begins on-time.  We continue to encourage our team to participate in local outreach community-centric programs to learn more about what is most important to the communities we work in and prepares us to adjust to changing policies and safety protocols.  

We remain committed to partnering with community organizations, cities, counties, and regulatory agencies in full support of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. 

VSCE holds certifications as a DBE (CUCP) and SBA (State of California DGS); SLBE (Alameda CTC); SLEB (Alameda County); LBE (Port of Oakland); LBE (City of Oakland); LA Metro SBE, LA LBE for (DBE & MBE) and BART Micro SBE. 

Meet our founder

Jesus Vargas
VSCE PR Services for Government Agencies

The personal story of our founder Jesus Vargas.

"I believe deeply in providing a encouraging, fun environment that provides opportunities to ALL people.  




Well, my personal story can explain..."

My Dad and I share same name (Jesús).  Dad moved from Mexico to give my family an education that could lead to career opportunitiesHe worked at a factory in Chicago for 21 years that he took me as a teen (12-17) to see thechallenges of hard work with low pay and very high risk of injury from the sharp steel used tomake auto gas tanks. So that means my dad was also in the Transportation Industry like me,now​😊I went to numerous elementary school in tough neighborhoods with gangs, drugs, and Snow.Having come from a warm climate I felt like I did something wrong and I was being punishedwith frost. Yes, I too licked a post and got my tongue frozen to it until I tore the skin to get toclass on time..We moved​ six times in Chicago since coming from Mexico that translated in numerous loss ofpossible friends almost made in the 2​nd​ to 8​th​ grades.In High school I finally made some friends. And I was only a ​C student, overall. While in HS Itook lots of pictures since I had three years of photography, was the lead I.D. photographer,and went on to get at graduation the Photographer of the Year Award, where the prize was aname plate I used for over 15 years. My biggest challenge was Mrs. Barriga (no pun), whomwas my Spanish teacher from Cuba, which I debated pronunciation and staying in her class.She swore I would never graduate from College. Not sure if that was reverse psychology, butit must have worked. Boy did I like scheduling my school photo shoots for her class. Nevergot an A. But it felt good walking out with that pass from the Principal.My counselors (LULAC) ​ suggested I use my math and drafting design skills and good grades toget into college. I was expecting a City College, but they got me into University of Illinois atChicago (initially when I applied was called Chicago Circle Campus, or CCC for short). The namechange scared us Latinos, so we sought support under a group at CCC/UIC @ Chicago called theConfederation of Latin America Students (CLAS). Having had grown up the prior four years inwhat was a less ethic area of Chicago, I had to integrate with the Hispanics (now called LatinX)groups. They partied more than my Iron Maiden/AC-DC friends of HS. Well, if it was going tokeep me from failing and came with a few trips to the Zoo where we would awake. Ops. That’sfor another audience.My freshman year at college I worked real hard not to fail classes that then led to gettingstraight As. Big difference from HS. But I did miss photography, so I signed up to be one of thecollege newspaper photographers. Wish I would had liked sports more then because I had afree pass to every college event. I also regretted the writing requested to describe the photos

(captions they call them). But the college counselors then reminded me that there was nomoney in photography. So, I guess they were correct and I stopped taking pictures my 2​nd​ year.During college I had engineering internships thru the Engineering Cooperative (Co-Op) programand made more money than my dad, per hour. That was sad, but I did not rub it in. I think hewas proud of me, quietly.Well, I graduated with a ​Structural Engineering Degree​, after having avoided theTransportation department at College. Only to ge a job as a Civil engineer for Caltrans in SanFrancisco. Yes, for the Department of Transportation. I was allergic to the word Transportationbecause of the college professor their. Caltrans interviewed on campus my last year and Iguess, I answered the tough questions using what my dad tough me when we went hunting. Ithink is was one of the three times I actually went. He invited dozens but I was not interested.So Caltrans hired me to work in SF, so I moved from Chicago, driving a brand new black PontiacFirebird.Two years later I went to work for consultants and then several years later started my owncompany...VSCE, Inc.Now I hire the structural engineers (plus specialists of all kinds) and select the cities we work inbased on client relationships and quality of life for the staff’s families.I am a proud father of 3 young adults...2 sons whom completed their engineering degrees (BioMedical and Mechanical)And my “prinsesa” whom started College (in 2019) and is looking into the health care arena likeher mother.I have been giving back to the communities I live in by being on volunteer boards, forchambers,I Co-started the Alameda County Apprentice Collaborative (ACAC) promoting construction jobsI was appointed to be a Commissioner for Transportation in the City of Alameda and termedout in 2019.I hold Advisory Board Position on California Statewide Councils and local Transit Councils.Now I yearn to explore the great outdoors where the pavement ends, and the dirt roads turn torocks. Hoping to represent out diverse community on a Statewide or regional board supportingthe use of Off-Road vehicles by drivers that care for the environmental and leave it better thanwhen they approached it.Enough about me.